Church prayer guide

Please be in continuous prayer for our church, leadership, our ministries and our community at large.

  1. That God would make the church a place of reverent and joyful, God-glorifying worship, real and loving fellowship, instruction and encouragement in the Word, and evangelization of the lost. That God would make us a gospel-centered, gospel-shaped, gospel-showing church.

2.That our church would be a place of godliness, holiness, love, and grace, that we would abound and increase in these things more and more. 

3. For continual wisdom, guidance and direction for our church, that God would grant us wisdom for all our labors (where to labor and how), for open doors for ministry.

4. That God would give us fruit for our labors, for His glory and praise.

5. For the elders of the church- Pastor Brian Blais, Jim Brovey, Sr., Shane Essay, and Matt Rentz, for grace, power, and wisdom as they lead the church spiritually through godly instruction, exhortation, and counsel, by a godly example, and through shepherding and caring for the flock here.

6.  For the deacons of the church-Jack Bridge, Jr., Tom Mimidis, Sr., Dave Molesky, and Vic Fioravanti, for grace, power, and wisdom as they serve the church in caring for the poor and needy, helping to minister in practical and administrative areas as well. 

7. For all who teach and preach in ministries in the church, to labor hard as they study and prepare, and that God would bless their diligent studies, and gives success as the Word goes forth.

8. For all who minister in a whole host of practical ways in our church, for the Lord’s blessing and grace on them in their ministries. 

9. That every person in the church would actively be using their gifts to labor for the Lord and the church, that we all will seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness

10. That we would have unity, love, and the peace of Christ in our church; that we would fulfill all the one-another passages of Scripture in this local body.

11. That we would be able to teach and equip believers for ministry.

12. That God would raise up more laborers for His work from among our church – missionaries, pastors, elders, deacons, teachers, and faithful servants, that God would raise up laborers to serve our church and laborers to be sent out from our church to serve the Lord in many places around the world.

13. For our Lord’s Day gathering- that God would bless our worship services, that our worship would be pleasing to Him; that saints would be encouraged and instructed; that the lost would hear the gospel and have hearts opened by the Lord to be saved.

14. For the worship ministry team that God would bless them with grace, knowledge, wisdom, skill, and power as they serve the church in leading the congregation in worship on Sunday mornings.

15. That God would teach our church the vitality of prayer, and that we would have boldness to share in encouraging one another and praying together aloud. That God would make us a people of prayer.

16. That our church would be a holy and loving place, that the individual members of it would resist sin and temptation in our lives and grow in grace, love, holiness, righteousness, and strength in the Lord

17. That God would give grace and mercy to the sick, burdened, grieving, lonely, and distressed among us. That we as a church would actively minister to and care for one another and encourage one another.

18. For God’s provision for those among us in financial or material need.

19. That God would minister to shut-ins and others who are not able to make our services. That as a church, we would actively care for and love each one.

20. For the marriages & families in our congregation-that they would be strong and godly homes, centered on God, and filled with love and joy.

21. That we would be empowered to evangelize-to proclaim and teach others the gospel verbally and to adorn the gospel by our lives and behavior before co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, and all we meet.

22. For godly wisdom and that we would think biblically and theologically about all areas our church and ministries.

23. For all the churches in our area to preach the gospel faithfully, to be truly biblical, to carry on the work of God faithfully, and to be blessed in doing so.

24. For the immediate community that our church is located in-North Charleroi, Charleroi, Belle Vernon, Monessen, Monongahela, and the surrounding communities. That would show us how we as a church can display the gospel and bring the gospel to bear on this community with the love and power of Christ. 

25. For our country and all the nations of the world, that God would save our leaders, that they would make decisions that would allow us to live and minister here with peace and godliness. That God would grant leaders grace to do their jobs with justice, mercy, wisdom, righteousness, etc.

26. For missionaries-that God would make their labors fruitful, that the lost would hear the gospel and be saved, that churches would be planted, grow, and send out missionaries of their own. That God would provide for the many opportunities missionaries may have. That as a church, we would support our missionaries fervently with love, kindness, care, sacrificial financial giving, prayer, etc.

27. For persecuted believers, our brothers and sisters around the world, that God would strengthen them, give them mercy and grace, that they would be protected and released.